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Military Jobs and Careers -
Armoured Assault Vehicle Crew Members

Job specification

The Armored Assault Vehicle Crew Members are enlisted personnel in the military organization. They are always ready to defend the country especially when the country is in imminent danger and threatened by the enemy of the state. During combat operations they are responsible in maneuvering war vehicles such as anti tanks, armored vehicles. They are always in the forefront to engaged and destroy enemy positions.


The usual duties and functions of Armored Assault Vehicle Crew Members in the military units all over the globe include:

Maneuver assault vehicles and amphibians during assault operations

In charge in the target of enemy positions to lunched accurate assault

Aim, load and prepare to fire guns and anti tanks

Take charge in operating communication equipment to receive and relay the information to the infantry leaders especially on battle orders

Take charge in the gathering of A1 information about enemy strength and locations

Maintains armored vehicles to stay ready for any eventuality

Take charge in map reading and other plans for engagement with the enemy

Ideal traits

The ideal field of mastery in this kind of job in the military includes:

The skill to analyze directions and executes orders as soon as possible

The ability to become a team player

The enthusiasm to work under pressure when the need arises

Willingness to take orders professionally even when life is at risk

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions especially on combat matters and other actual training are best for the enhancement of skills. Other helpful training includes:

The basics in the operation of anti-tank vehicles and other vehicles used in battles

Excellent strategies in armor offensive and defensive mode

Training on excellent map reading to ensure accuracy of targets

Reconnaissance and scouting mastery

Work atmosphere

The armored assault vehicle crew members work in the field in all whether conditions like combatant troops. They even eat outdoors and while in their combat vehicles.

Non-military employment

There is no counterpart of this kind of job in civilian life although the training maybe good for civilians also.

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