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Military Jobs and Careers -
Artillery and Missile Crew Members

Job specification

The Artillery and Missile Crew Members are enlisted personnel in the military chain of command. Since the military are using sophisticated weapons to bombard and destroy enemy position, they need such expertise in the proper operation of weapons such as howitzers, cannons, rockets and missiles. The Artillery and missile crew members directly operate these kinds of weapons during battle with the enemy of the state.


The usual duties and functions of the Artillery and Missile Crew Members in the military include:

Lead in the operation of computerized battle equipment to efficiently and accurately bombard enemy positions

Ready the ammunitions for firing especially when battle with the enemy is ongoing

In charge in the proper positioning of the weapons

Direct the firing of weapons to enemy positions

In charge in the maintenance of weapons especially war vehicles

Ideal traits

Field of study which is helpful in this kind of job in the military includes:

The skills to stay cool especially during difficult and stressing situations

The skills to become team partner

Enthusiasm in the proper handling of cannons, rockets during war time

Ready to face difficult situations especially in times of war

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions especially in deeply related topics to the job are still very ideal for learning. Other good and helpful attributes also include actual training inside the military organizations. Content modules for the training also include:

The strategies in proper computations and calculations on exact enemy positions

The many technique and strategies in handling ammunitions

Proper handling of missiles, rockets, guns including its basic systems and operations

Strategies in handling artilleries

Work atmosphere

The Artillery and Missile Crew Members work in all weather conditions and they are always ready for battle when the need arises. They usually hold indoor trainings when in peace time.

Non-military employments

Although there is no equivalent for this kind of job in the civilians but some of the trainings of these military officers can be used in civilian life.

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