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Military Jobs and Careers -
Purchasing and Contracting Managers

Job description

The military chain of command is purchasing billions of artillery’s, supplies and materials, ammunitions, and food to fully operate and fulfill its mandate of protecting the country and its people. The purchasing of these supplies and materials is done by Purchasing and Contracting Managers. They are Officers in the military and they always see to it that the organization purchases of goods and hiring of services are done very fairly based on public bidding.


The usual duties and functions of Purchasing and Contracting Managers in the military’s chain of command include:

• Conduct proper review of the purchased materials. This is to make sure that orders are accurately delivered based on specifications

• Take charge in the scheduling of invitation of bids and accepting of bid proposals

• Properly review bid proposals and awards contracts to the winning bidder

• Take charge in the preparation of contracts which specifies and terms and conditions in the bidding of supplies and materials

• Scrutinize the proposals to make sure they meet requirements

Ideal traits

The field of study which helps in this kind of job in the military includes business management and public administration. Other helpful attributes also include:

• Exceptional skills in making detailed plans

• Enthusiasm in proper negotiation to get the lowest bidder

• Enthusiasm in making accurate works and also detail oriented

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions are still ideal for this kind of job in the military based on the field of expertise. Course content advisable to give training opportunities also includes:

• The proper use of computers in the administration of contracts

• Proper procedures and purchasing and accounting to ensure accuracy

• Training for supply and management

Work atmosphere

The Purchasing and Contracting Managers work in office. Since they are Officers in the military there are not even time bound to report at least eight hours a day.

Non-military employment

The civilian Purchasing and Contracting Managers outside in the military work in private and government offices. Their duties and functions with that in the military are only the same.

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