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Military Jobs and Careers -
Management Analysts and Planners

Job specification

Management Analysts and Planners are responsible in the proper and efficient use of military personnel and its available materials and resources with their proven and tested managerial skills. They implement good strategies in planning and they also identify problems in the process and implement solutions.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Management Analysts and Planners in the military organization include:

• Conduct product proper study and analysis of the organizational structure in order to determine specific and efficient functions among personnel, financial management and other needs while doing their specific duties and responsibilities

• Collect data so that this can be properly analyzed and studied

• Take charge in the development and implementation of plans which can be helpful in the implementation of the organization’s objectives

• Be able to identify the organizational structure of newly created sections

• Make comparison analysis to be able to find good options for actual implemetation

• Take charge in the analization of work procedures and implement them

• Make sound work flow for every personnel so that productivity in the job can be enhanced

Ideal traits

Field of study which is very helpful for this kind of job in the military include management, planning, research, and public administration. Other helpful attributes may also include:

• The skills to express sound ideas and judgment, either in writing or verbal matters

• Enthusiasm in the proper way of collecting pertinent data

• Enthusiasm in identifying the problems and introducing solutions

Training atmosphere

Classroom instructions on specific subjects relative thereto maybe ideal for this kind of job. Other training opportunities also include:

• Techniques and strategies in sound management

• Statistical analysis which maybe achieved through proper implementation of methods and procedures

• Internal review management which maybe helpful in the supervisory aspects

• Procedures in good systems analysis

• Proper handling of sound organizational planning

Work atmosphere

The Management Analysts and Planners work in military offices all over the globe but they would also travel from other offices as the need arise in the performance of their duties.

Non-military employment

In the corporate world, the civilian management analysts and planners work in big corporations and consulting firms. Their dutiesa nd functions are similar to that in the military. These professional are also called management consultants.

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