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Military Jobs and Careers -
Health Services Administrators

Job specification

Health Services Administrators are also Officers in the military and their functions are just the same in many other health care clinics in hospitals and other health care facilities. In the military, they take care of the administration of health services department.


The usual duties and functions of Health Services Administrators in the military organization include:

• Supervise in the administration of health care facilities, food services, maintenance including the management of support departments

• Manage the budgetary requirements of health care facilities to ensure proper disbursements of funds

• Take charge in handling meetings with hospital officials and department heads especially in the handling and implementations of various programs

• Take charge in handling f personnel needs, evaluation, hiring of additional employees, staff development and keeping of records

• Take charge in properly planning for the delivery of health care services

• Supervises the daily operations of the nursing department to ensure that military personnel’s health needs are properly taken cared off

Ideal traits

The helpful attributes for this kind of job in the military include:

• The skills to clearly express sound ideas

• Enthusiasm in managing health care facilities and personnel

• Enthusiasm in helping others in their works so that they can be productive in their daily tasks

• Highly skilled in interpersonal relationship with other people in the military organization

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions are very vital for good training opportunities. Content for ideal matters of concern during training include:

• Proper planning and management for better services

• Handling of the patient during treatment period

• Nursing department administration

Work atmosphere

The health services administrators in the military normally works in military clinics and also while on board ship’s clinics and other military healthcare facilities.

Non-military employment

Civilian health services administrators works in various hospitals, private and government clinics and other health care facilities. Some also work in various colleges and universities to take care of the health needs of thousands of students. Usually, only private colleges and universities have this kind of services.

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