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Military Jobs and Careers -
Administrative Support Specialists

Job specification

The Administrative Support Specialist are enlisted personnel in the military organization who are also part of the daily organizational management in the military hierarchy. They are responsible in the proper keeping of paper and electronic records and maintain accurate files.


The usual duties and responsibilities of administrative support specialists in the military organization include:

Encode important data and information in the computer for accurate electronic recording and keep the files updated for easy access

Take charge in ensuring that encoded data are grammatically-correct, accurate spelled including proper use of punctuations, etc.

Incharge in the organizing of paper and electronic files, including publications

Take charge in the purchase of supplies and materials

Ushers office visitors and tour them to various military departments

Take charge in the assortment of mails including delivery

The use of office equipment such as copiers, fax, and computers are primary functions to implement the daily task at hand

Take charge in the scheduling of training and also the applications for leave of the military personnel

Take charge in the proper handling of incoming calls

Record and take down notes during meetings

Ideal traits

School subjects which are helpful for this job include math, business administration and English. Other helpful attributes include:

The skills to organize and implement plans

Enthusiasm in proper file management

Enthusiasm in the handling of office equipment such as computers, fax, etc.

Enthusiasm for diong office work

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions are good training ground for the job as well as actual job training. Course content which are also helpful include:

Grammar roles in English language, spelling and other important parts of a good sentence structure

Excellent skills in keyboard and computer usage

Good management in filing and proper file recording

Military format filings, and keeping of forms, including correspondence

Work atmosphere

The administrative support specialists normally works in main admin office in the military chain of command.

Non-military employment

Administrative support specialists who are not members of the military works in government and private offices but the job functions are just the same with that of the military.

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