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Military Jobs and Careers -
Administrative Officers

Job specification

Administrative Officers in the military organization are also taking part in the big responsibility which make the organization very effective. This manageria functions of this large organization in many countries all over the globe also depend on the active participation of administrative officers.


The usual duties and responsibilities of administrative officers in the military organization include:

Create management plans and also implement them including procedures and policies

Leads in the coordination of administrative functions with the direct support of administrative staff

Take charge in postal matters so that timely and accurate deliveries is implemented as soon as possible

Spearheads in the development and monitoring of programs to ensure that classified materials are safegiarded in the process

Implement programs of proper recording including forms management

Take charge in the monitoring of supplies and materials to make sure everything is okay

See to it that facilities are properly maintained

Ideal traits

Other helpful attributes for this kind of job in the military include:

The skills to find solutions of the problems as the need arises

The skills to carefully coordinate activities as they happened

The enthusiasm to become team player whenever working on certain projects

Detail orinted when doing things

Excellent management and leadership skills

Excellent skills in communication

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions in the job are good opportunity for the enhancement of skills. Usually, during on-the-job training is also considered the best source experience and skills development.

Work atmosphere

Administrative officers in the military chain of command works in offices or while on board ships during special assignments.

Non-military employment

Administrative officers who are not members of the military organization usually usually work in private and government offices. However, their functions and responsibilities are in one or the other the same.

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