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Military Jobs and Careers -
Helicopter Pilots

Job specification

Helicopters are among the versatile aircraft used by the military during transport of troops, cargoes, equipment and other activities such as rescue operations and special missions. The helicopter pilots is playing active role in the operation of this kind of aircraft.


The usual duties and responsibilities of helicopter pilots in the military chain of command include:

Readying of flight plans which include schedules and other important data relative thereto.

Take charge in flying the helicopters, controlling the engine and other systems.

In charge in monitoring of the gauges in the cockpit panels

Maneuvers helicopters during combat operations, spot the position of the enemy, as well as transport of the wounded in the enemy lines

Learn whether conditions to know whether the day is appropriate for flying.

Ideal traits

Aerospace, physics and engineering are helpful fields of study for the enhancement of skills in flying. Other helpful attributes include:

The will to finish a training program.

Ability to remain cool when flying under pressure.

Enthusiasm in flying an aircraft.

Training opportunities

Basics in flight instructions are good training for helicopter pilots. Training for the job usually takes 80 hours before the training is completed. Course content for the training program which may help for the enhancement of the skills include:

Helicopter flying principles is very vital for the job.

Helicopter inspection principles is another vital training program.

Techniques in flying including basics, and other related training programs.

Specialized skills in combat training.

Work atmosphere

Helicopter pilots fly in bad whether conditions and they are usually stationed in airbases and aircraft carriers all over the globe.

Non-military employments

Civilian helicopter pilots works in private and government companies, schools and other institutions for learning. They also work as fire fighters, dusters, traffic spotter, etc.

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