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Military Jobs and Careers -
Airplane Pilots

Job specification

The military organizations all over the glove operate thousands of planes whether in combat missions or other purposes. Bigger planes carry troops in special missions and other sophisticated equipment in combat zones, carry out patrol and surveillance operations, and many other duties of military pilots. In this way, the Airplane Pilots play significant roles having this kind of expertise in air flying.


The usual duties and responsibilities of the airplane pilots in the military chain of command include:

Keep abreast of the reports on whether condition to learn whether flying can be done.

Make sure that flight plans are developed significantly showing the right routes and schedules.

Make contacts with the air control personnel to know safety take off and landing instructions.

Maneuvers airplanes by controlling key controls elevators, rudders and others.

Keep tract of the dials and gauges located at the cockpit panels.

Carry out combat missions and performs other functions including surveillance, transporting of personnel, equipment, etc.

Ideal traits

Field of study which is very helpful to this kind of job includes aerospace, physics, mechanical and other related studies. Other helpful attributes include:

The will to finish related program in order to enhance flying skills.

Ability to be calm and confident in dealing with pressure.

Willingness to fly all types of airplanes.

Training opportunities

Classroom study is one of the proven methods to give ample training to airplane pilots. Airplane pilot training maybe acquired while on actual performance of duty. The air pilot training program usually took three years before other pilots also proceeded to more advance training capability. Study content may include:

The dynamics in flying an airport with the pilots proven expertise.

Navigation operation systems which can greatly enhance with the help of some navigational tools which maybe learned during the study program.

Flying in bad whether condition which is one of the dangerous learning among airplane pilots.

Study on the rules and regulations imposed by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Work atmosphere

In the military, airplane pilots are stationed in airbases all over the globe, and also onboard aircrafts carriers. Many military pilots take off everyday and deliver goods and other stuff to other military bases.

Non-military employment

Civilian airplane pilots work in government and private controlled companies. They either work on commercial and private planes while other works as flight instructors in many flying schools. Many of the airplane pilots also started their career in the military.

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