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Military Jobs and Careers -
Airplane Navigators

Job specification

Pilots cannot exactly perfect his job without the assistance of the Airplane Navigators. These assistants are where the pilots rely on the precision and accurate navigation skills of the navigators. Navigators during flying hours provide the pilot accurate information where the plane should be heading and all other information available in regard to their flights.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Airplane Navigators in the military organization include:

They guide tankers during refueling operations.

Give proper information to the pilot including flight information, fuel usage and other vital information about flying.

Using radars, the airplane navigators direct the aircraft course and give other navigation information necessary to ensure safety flying.

Use radio and other communication facilities inside the aircraft to receive messages.

Keep locating the aircraft using the most sophisticated radar.

During bombing operations the airplane navigators operate bombardier systems.

Spearhead in the proper inspection of weapons during flight and operations.

Ideal traits

The field of studies which are helpful to the job includes cartography, surveying and geography. Other helpful attributes are:

Highly skilled in reading charts and maps.

Enthusiasm to immediately respond to emergency situations including recovery operations.

High skilled and detail oriented airplane navigator.

Has the strong capability and desire in flying.

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions are vital components for the enhancement of these skills needed in the actual flying and navigation. Actual flying experience is also important for this. Course content includes :

Accurate methods and principles in navigation.

Basic on radar systems, weapon and communication.

Testing and inspection of navigational skills so that navigators can enhance their learning.

Tactics and procedures and dynamics in bombing operations.

Work atmosphere

Airplane navigators are usually working onboard aircrafts. They are also transferred in many military installations all over the globe.

Non-military employment

In the airports operated by private and government corporations we can find the airplane navigators. They have same job description in military except for the combat operations.

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