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Military Jobs and Careers -
Aircraft Launch and Recovery Specialists

Job specification

There are thousands of aircrafts that land everyday on aircraft carriers in the world The successful launch that completes air missions is being undertaken and operated by Aircraft Launch and Recovery Specialists. They maintain arresting gears, catapults, and other equipment used during landing and take off operations.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Aircraft launch and recovery specialists in the military include:

Operate arresting gears and catapults including consuls to control the launch of an aircraft.

Transfer aircrafts from their storage decks.

Maintain visual landing aids so that pilots can always land safely.

Conduct test and adjustments of equipment.

Put up crash barriers so that when emergency landing occurs there is still second option for safety when there are barricades installed.

Spearhead aircraft launch during take off and landing and recovery operations.

Ideal treats

Help school instructions which can help enhance safety include shop mechanics. There are also other help attributes such as:

The skills to use test equipment and other hand tools to ensure smooth operations during landing and take off of aircrafts.

Enthusiasm in operations of flight aircrafts.

The ability to work on hydraulics which is very important for this kind of job.

Training opportunities

Classroom instruction which is a recommended training to enhance knowledge in aircraft handling is very vital. Course content includes:

Training on proper operation and maintenance of launch and recovery equipment.

The right knowledge of installing and establishing barricades and crash barriers.

Work atmosphere

Aircraft launch and recovery specialists work on board plane carriers and on airfield during landing and recovery operations using equipment.

Non-military employment

No civilians work like the aircraft launch and recovery specialists. But most of the work of these military personnel are also the same with the ground works done in many airports all over the globe.

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