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Military Jobs and Careers -
Air Traffic Control Managers

Job specification

The aircraft operation management in the military needs the help of Air Traffic Control Managers are Officer in the military chain of command who are divided in some sections. There are other members in a section who are in charge of the landing and take off of aircrafts, the other section personnel is incharge on ground instructions while the third group handles the tracking of planes in flight. The air traffic control managers.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Air Traffic Control Managers include:

Executes planning of the schedules for air traffic control managers.

Ensures safe flight by managing the activity in the air traffic center.

Take charge in the inspection of air control equipment and other facilities.

Inspects radar equipment and controlling procedures in the machine.

Take charge in the controlling of air traffic, radios and rather so that they can achieve minimum performance.

Ideal traits

Field of study which is very helpful for this is aeronautics, liberal arts, computer science, and engineering. Helpful attributes include:

Highly skilled in flight management in accordance of the existing standards.

The ability to work under pressure.

Ability to make good judgment in any endeavor.

Highly skilled in detailed work and very detailed oriented.

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions is one best attributes for proper acquisition of knowledge. Content on subject training course include:

Management and control of aircract.

Procedures and operation manual should be added to the list.

Radar procedures should also be mastered.

Should be able to recognize special types of aircrafts.

Work Experiences

The Air Traffic Control managers a usually in the traffic room control center and also when there planes approaching for landing.

Non Military employment

The works of civilian Air Traffic Control Managers include proper execution of control while in the control system. The work is the same with that of a military CATM.

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