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Military Jobs and Careers -
Air Traffic Controllers

Job specification

In hundreds of military airfields all over the globe thousands of planes and helicopters also land and depart to continue their daily operations. The planes are being tracked and controlled by air traffic controllers. Their movements are being monitored by these controllers so that accidents can be prevented.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Air Traffic Controllers in the military include, among others operations such as:

Issue safety flight and instructions so that plane pilots are guided properly while flying their respective aircrafts.

Give information to pilots including weather reports and safety measures.

Operate aircraft equipment to track planes, status and other concerns.

Design plots for pilot location, including maps and charts.

Give direction to pilots as well as compute the plane speed for safety measures.

Keep maintaining the air traffic control.

Ideal traits

There are helpful school subjects for this kind of job such as general mathematics, and typing. Helpful attributes also include:

The skills and ability to decide quickly and have good judgment.

Can work with minimum supervision and even work under pressure.

Skills in math analysis and computation.

Training opportunities

Classroom instruction can be a good source of training for this kind of job. Course content include:

Fundamentals in air traffic controls as well flight management.

Flight procedures in visual and instrument handling.

Procedures in landing approach and the proper use of radar to ensure safety in landing all types of aircrafts.

Procedures in handling proper communication.

Work atmosphere

The air traffic controllers work in land as well as those landing area that are control centers in the ships.

Non-military employment

Air traffic controllers, who are not members of the military, work in private and government-owned airfields. Their work is also the same with the air traffic controllers in the military organization.

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