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Military Jobs and Careers -
Air Crew Members

Job specification

In the military, the need to use various aircrafts is very important. The aircrafts are used in combat operations, hauling of military personnel, rescue activities and transfer of armaments and ammunitions. The job is carried out by Air Crew Members who have specializations too what aircraft each one of them used.


The usual duties and functions of Air Crew Members in the military include:

Take charge in the operation of aircraft and other related equipment.

Maintain and take charge in the gunnery systems of the aircraft.

Carry out the transfer of military personnel from sea to land and vice versa during operations and training.

Carry out the refueling of various aircrafts.

Ideal treats

Subjects that are helpful for this kind of job include mechanics and mathematics. Other helpful and ideal treats include:

Enthusiasm to become part of the team.

The ability to work under pressure is also necessary treat for personnel who have this kind of job in the military organization.

Enthusiasm to learn and improve flying skills.

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions are best additional training for this kind of job aside from the actual instructions and experience in flying which can be learned in the field while working. Content of the course may include:

Management of aircraft maintenance and gunnery systems.

Management in the aircraft refueling system.

Fuel load and cargo planning.

Training on rescue and retrieval operations.

Work atmosphere

The Air Crew Members usually work in the field during training and operations and they use various sizes and shapes of aircraft.

Non-military employment

Non military air crew members work in commercial plane companies, private businessmen who have small aircrafts. Their work are just the same with the air crew members in the military. They maybe differ only in training and acquisition of knowledge.

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