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Military Jobs and Careers -
Finance and Accounting Specialists

Job specification

There are millions of pay checks that are being disbursed for large purchases of military supplies and materials. In order to properly account these spending in the military’s daily operations, the Finance and Accounting Specialists should keep track of the recordings. Their work load also include preparing for computation of allowances and payrolls as well properly issued the payments to military personnel.


Finance and Accounting Specialists have special functions every day such as:

• Enter financial data and records in the computer for easy recording and review.

• Calculate and check whether the figures are accurate to ensure less error and aim for efficient and in order records.

• The Financial and Accounting Specialists also prepare payrolls, paychecks for military personnel and other disbursements, as well billings and financial accounts.

• Disburse payments in cash or in the form of check to all the military department’s payables.

Ideal treats

The Finance and Accounting Specialist must possess the good ability and interest on numbers to make his work fast and efficient, and must be a graduate of finance and accounting and other related courses. Should have the following treats :

• The skills and interest in dealing with numbers is very vital for the position.

• Should have the skills in the actual transfer of data into the computers as well in using other office machines.

• Should be detail oriented and capable of creating special programs to make the work fast and efficient.

• Hardworking and posses the quality of a professional who is output oriented.

Training opportunities

Financial and Accounting Specialists must have ample training in school on the following accounting and budgeting aspects that include:

• basic procedures on accounting which is very vital for accounting operations.

• Interpret data and have some financial analysis.

• Payments and computations on deductions must also be included in the training progam to be able to work professionally.

Work atmosphere

Professionals in this kind of job in the military either work in the office or on board ships.

Non-military employment

This kind of professions can also be found in other government and private offices. Their counterparts in the civilian offices include clerks and payroll clerks.

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