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Military Jobs and Careers -
Finance and Accounting Managers

Job Description

Finance and Accounting Managers in the military are those that handle the flow of expenses in the chain of command’s daily operational expenses. They manage the billions of funds and put them into good use based on the actual needs of the department. The finance managers control the budget so as not to over use the funds in only a certain program.


The role played by the Finance and Accounting Managers in the military includes:

• Keeping track of the military funds based on policies of implementation and the proper use of the funds for worthwhile military project that ensures smooth financial management in the military organization.

• Carefully study the direct forecast on financial spending based on what is approved by the approving chief of office.

• Make sure to develop strategies which would help track financial transactions.

• Supervises recording of financial expenses and reports.

Ideal Traits

• The ideal trait of the Finance and Accounting managers is very important for the job. He must be interested in planning and other related strategies needed to keep the funds in the military financially sound.

• Must have focused and interest on dealing with numbers so that accuracy in work is guaranteed to avoid errors in actual analysis and computations.

Training Opportunities

Trainings related to job description is very vital to make the system works in the financial matters involve in running the military organization.

• Training for financial budget and management is necessary to keep track of the funds how they are being used in certain projects and operational expenses.

• Should carefully study methods on financial accounting.

Work atmosphere

Finance and Accounting Managers are Officers that only works in the office.

Non-military employment

Non-military Finance and Accounting Managers that also work in other private businesses are just the same with the military’s finance and accounting officers. Their duties are similar and like accounting, budget management.

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