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Teachers Behind Military Schools

This is an article featuring the persons behind the most rigid middle schools in the country today – the military schools.

Faculties in military schools are graduates of military schools themselves. For example, the superintendent of Howe Military School in Illinois who is now a PhD in Education doesn’t forget that his roots come from the very school he now heads. Dr. Duane VanOrden graduated as cadet captain of Class ’77 with cum laude honors. Howe began his career in law enforcement.

The commandant of cadets, Maj. Karl Vaughan, looks like one of the scary instructors of the sci-fi movie The Faculty. His demeanor may look scary but persons like him are really the ones educating the next generation of lawyers, government officials and entrepreneurs in this country. Just like VanOrden, Vaughan is a 1977 graduate of the very school he is now serving. He is also a member of the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Reserve.

Retired Army Col. George Douglass, who served as chaplain in the US Army in his prime, is now the senior drill instructor at Howe.

In Fishburne Military School in Virginia, Col. Robert Wease is the oldest faculty member of the school with over 40 years of experience behind him. He is followed by Col. Alan Shirkey, Maj. Russ Ingersoll and Capt. David Zimmerman.

In the Benedictine Military School in Savannah, Joe Tvrdy served in the United States Army for four years before becoming faculty at the school. Ken Yeckley also served as an officer of the USAF while Jim Hicks is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and a nuclear submarine executive officer.

In the Air Force-oriented Randolph-Macon Academy of Virginia, the president is a retired general of the USAF, Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Henry Hobgood. The commandant is also a retired officer of the USAF, Col. (Ret.) Gary Sadler. Sadler participated in Operation Desert Storm in 1991. The assistant dean, Judith DeLaney, is a colonel in the US Army Reserve. She has attended the US Army’s Command and General Staff College.

You may notice that these persons lead, if not exemplary military lives, but lives in the community inclined in serving in the field of law enforcement. The faculties of military schools undergo a very rigid process since they must be the shining examples of the cadets. They must be the models in whatever values they teach the cadets. Without these factors, advertising for a military school will all be for nothing.

Military schools also usually employ a full time medical doctor, sports physiotherapist and an educational psychologist.

It is also noted that all of the faculty live within walking distance from the school. It is only implying that they really pour their hearts out to their beloved cadets in the school.

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