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Routine in JROTC Training

Life is indeed stimulating in Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) training. Even though the curriculum is strict, cadets can choose varied co-curricular activities in entertaining themselves throughout the four years they are enrolled in JROTC. JROTC is required in all military middle schools throughout the country and they are electives in most public high schools. Some private boarding schools do offer JROTC courses, however. In cases like these schools, JROTC is an alternative to physical education for cadets ranging from the ninth to the twelfth grades.

JROTC cadets can choose a variety of co-curricular activities. The Color Guard is the most seen team by the public in any JROTC unit. It usually joins any public event not just limited by the JROTC unit in the school. An example of this is the parade in their county. The Color Guard also presents the American flag in sports events like basketball and football. Thus, they are really very visible since people who usually patronize these games can see them clearly. In activities in their school like graduation rites and other curriculum-related celebrations like the school’s anniversary, the Color Guard is again visible. Whenever a national celebrity team, say an NBA team, is holding exhibition games at a particular county, the JROTC Color Guard team of a certain high school is also called in. Take note this is not just limited to NBA games. They are also called in during MLB, NFL and NHL post-season games.

The drill team is perhaps the most difficult and challenging team in any JROTC unit. Why? Because members of this team spend countless hours in perfecting their drill so as to win over other high schools all over the country in the national drill championships. The drill team of a certain school first joins in their division championships. If they are successful, the team will enter the state championships and on to the national championships. The national championships are held in Daytona Beach, Florida. As of this writing, it is less than 240 days before the 2007 championships are held in May. As early as right now, drill teams from JROTC units all over the country are encouraged to practice and be in tiptop shape to qualify for the championships. The defending champion this year is Leesburg High School of Leesburg, Florida although credits also go to Lynn English High of Massachusetts for bagging the most awards. Next year’s championships will be doubly exciting since it will mark the 25th year of the national drill championships. Because of its tiresome nature, JROTC cadets are often enticed to join this particular team so as to instill pride in themselves.

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