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Military Boarding Schools

If you find it hard to install a sense of discipline in your child, youíll find it reassuring to enroll him or her in a military boarding school. The traditional way of thinking has it that only a military boarding boy schools exist in the United States today. But thatís a fallacy since the concept of a military boarding school for girls has slowly become relevant for the past few decades.

After all, there are lots of female teenagers out there who are in dire need of professional help. Once reined in a military boarding school for girls, these students can surely emerge as upright citizens. Military boarding high schools all over the country have one thing in common Ė that of instilling discipline to your teenage child. Psychological studies have shown that children will be at their most vulnerable emotional stage when they reach puberty. It is at this point that they need guidance in their life orientation and only a military boarding school is an answer. Since institutions such as these are private enterprise, you cannot compare their expenses with those of public schools. But there is still another way to pursue a free military boarding school for your child and that is to take the schoolís scholarship exam.

The typical life of an enrollee in a military boarding boy school is not dissimilar to that of a regular high school. In short, there is really nothing that your child will be afraid of. All he needs to do is follow the house rules of the military boarding school and heíll be happy. A usual day starts with a roll call and follows with a breakfast call. Isnít that great that you only have to eat and donít need to cook your own food? And you donít need to wash your own plates or do the laundry either since this is already packaged with the tuition. Whatís more, the last class period ends as early as 1:30 p.m.

There is not much difference in the life of a student in a military boarding school for girls although rigidness is more toned down in the these ones. After breakfast and personal hygiene, the girls huddle in groups of seven by grade. Theyíll discuss together the lessons of the previous day while waiting for daily quizzes to be passed on. There is a separate time allotted for the girls to discuss among themselves their emotional problems. This scheme can promote bonding among peers. Parents will surely be proud of military boarding school graduates.

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