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Who can benefit from a military school?

Who can benefit from a military school?Military schools are designed to provide children and teenagers with a military education, based on the importance of leadership, discipline and responsibility. Military schools offer a combination of excellent academic formation, attention to physical fitness and discipline that will help develop good citizens for the future.

Military schools are not designed to help teenagers with serious behavioural problems, such as extreme cases of defiant, violent or drug-affected troubled teens. In fact, most of the military schools listed in this site will not accept cadets with difficult behavioural problems or students not willing to join the military school by their own will.


Preparing Today’s Teenagers to Be Tomorrow’s Leaders

 In this current times, when modernization in terms of lifestyle and moral values are considered, parents should recognize some ways on how to let their children get a proper education and training, molded with moral values and strong life decisions. The holistic approach of training and child formation encourage the parents to enroll their child to a military school.

Discipline is inculcated during the military training. Unlike at home where we tend to spoil our child, there is no favoritism in a military school. All cadets are treated fairly and equally. And no, military schools do not just accept boys nowadays; they do accept girl cadets too.

Solid academic foundation, skills you can learn for a lifetime, steps toward independence, building meaningful friendships and success through caring are few of the common characteristics of military schools. They prepare today’s teenagers to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Another benefit you can get from a military school is learning various sports fields. They can offer various sports activities ranging from your usual basketball, flag football or swimming to other more class sports like polo, golf or chess. There are also drillings that cadets need to execute and master, in which, they are ask to perform and present it in public. Each student is given the opportunity to become a leader, and develop teamwork and camaraderie among its platoon or class.

Other characteristics which flourish in students of military schools are the following: sense of responsibility, sense of time management, self-control, pride, self-esteem and sense of personal integrity, among others. These common values are expounded very well in military schools. You learn how to manage your time, amidst, pressure and stress. Each day, it is expected that you follow rules, and schedules.  Your physical well being will be developed too.

All cadets, not just the brightest, are expected to excel and be leaders in their own right. They have assigned ranks and responsibilities. All upperclassmen are put in charge of the lowerclassmen. Each will have their role to exercise leadership, and indeed, becoming a good follower too.  It is also expected that students will have high marks in their class to be accelerated and get some merits. Those with low grades are warned and some will even get demotion out of it. This is truly a great practice of perseverance and perfection.

As I have mentioned earlier, the curriculum has also strict emphasis on moral-ethical training and spiritual development. Following Judeo-Christian principles of our country, attendance to Sunday services is a must.

 Military schools also encourage teamwork. Cadets also learn the moral and ethical standards one must keep in life and they also learn that each action that they do corresponds to consequences, either positive or negative. The objective is to teach the cadets the sense of accountability that forms the foundation of success to the holistic life of a person.

Cadets learn to appreciate, support and motivate each other to do their individual and collective best. In short, there is healthy rivalry minus the jealousy.

In overall aspect, military schools develop the whole person of the cadet. He or she will become a self-confident leader and a morally responsible citizen through varied experiences.

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