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Learn foreign languages

Learn foreign languages

If you are looking for an International Career whether a in the military career or post university, we encourage you to learn foreign languages abroad.

This decision will have an enormous impact on your future career and will not only give you the best opportunities in your chosen sector but allow you to discover other cultures, people and countries first hand by living with a Spanish family or sharing a student flat. Furthermore, you will learn how to take care of yourself, manage a budget for living and adapt to completely different surroundings – all of which will provide you with great amounts of self-confidence and independence.

Your language learning experience will stay with you throughout your life, assuming you will keep the practice up of course! Refresher courses are always available and what is more, knowing the language provides an excuse for a holiday back to the destination to consolidate what you’ve learnt! Imagine having the opportunity to return to the unique and exciting Berlin after having done one of the many sprachreisen offered by Germany’s best language schools? Or having a second home in sunny Spain to holiday in? Would be fantastic, no?

Both personally and professionally, you will see impacts of knowing a second (or third…) language in the future. Perhaps you become interested in a particular industry but find it difficult to break into on home soil…being capable of communication in a foreign means you have options there too – your horizons are instantly widened once you know a language! Don’t forget, this doesn’t just apply to employment – there are many courses at university or college level which are very competitive – business, law and nursing for example. So, should you find you find you lose out on a place in a nursing school at home, having done a language course, you could always consider cursos enfermeria auxiliar distancia – and later, nursing jobs in all the sunny Spanish locations! And even internships such as becas MEC. In such a competitive world, you really do give yourself the best chances with everything by learning a language!

If you find yourself short of time however, unable to afford going away for a long period, why not be a host to a foreign student wanting to learn English, specifically having one to one English class? You’ll learn about their culture by living and spending time with them but you won’t have to give up you usual daily life. Popular destinations are always cities such as London, Manchester and Dublin (many Spanish students look for cursos de ingles en Irlanda for example) so should you be city based, your home would be ideal for a language learner – especially if you have the time to show them the city itself! Your local experience would really help them, just as much as you will benefit from spending time with someone form a completely different background.

Please click on the link for a list of recommended Language schools – all of which offer good quality courses and the best care for all their students, and don´t forget to have a look to the best Italian language schools in Florence, a unique experience to learn Italian in the most stunning artistic and cultural surroundings.

Recommended Language schools abroad

If you haven't yet decided which language you want to learn, this site offers you a wide selection of Language Schools throughout the world.

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