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International Military Schools

International Military Schools

Are you curious about military schools and academies in other countries? These are some of the best reputed military schools abroad. Please note that joining them is normally not an option unless you are a citizen of the respective country.

  • Royal Military Academy of Belgium. The Military Academy was founded in 1834, at a time when Belgian politics were still in their infancy. Its first purpose was to form the officers of the artillery and the engineers. Hardly a couple of months after the end of the Second World war the RMA reopened its gates. Since 2003, the RMA has also adopted the bachelor-master system. The RMA is located in Brussels, Belgium. Non Belgian citizens of another European Union country are eligible.

  • Royal Military College of Canada.
    Located in beautiful Kingston, Ontario, RMC is a bilingual institution offering an education that is unique in Canada. An RMC education gives young Canadian men and women the professional and personal skills necessary to meet the challenges faced by leaders.

  • Whampoa Military Academy.
    Founded in 1924, this academy was relocated to Taiwan after the communists took control of mainland China. The Academy is located at Fengshan, Republic of China (Taiwan).

  • École Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr.
    Founded by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802, it was relocated to Brittany (France) after the Second World War.

  • Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.
    Founded in 1741, Sandhurst is proud to be one of the world’s oldest active military education institutions. Sandhurst is a true symbol of the United Kingdom’s military glory.
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