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Teens Learn Adventure in Military Schools

A tipical cadet of military schoolWhether your teenager is a guy or a girl, try to enroll them in a military school at least for a period in his or her life. It’s guaranteed that a great adventure awaits for those aspirants of a military school. It prepares the individual to become tough and smart in handling decision making, enhancing survival skills, and pursuing to a much straightened life away from vices.

Military schools are patterned to that of West Point, unarguably the most credible military academy in the US Armed Forces. Why? Because military schools use the “whole person” approaches in their curricula. Here, students enjoy not just the various courses offered but the summer camps as well. They will learn to interact with each other and to play outdoor games which can be good not just for the body but for value instilling as well. But they are quite strict as new students are even ordered to sport a short haircut.

Aside from those, parents will also be happy to note that military schools also offer wilderness programs. Caring for the environment is one value each of us parents ought to be aiming for our children to learn.

Military sectarian schools run by Christian congregations also include modules on the Christian faith in their curricula. The course is so intense that cadets are highly encouraged to join the Sunday services. With our country anchored both on Judeo and Christian principles, cadets in military sectarian schools here learn verses from both the Old and New Testaments. They even attend chaplain services on some weekdays, not just Sundays! It is how amazing that is!

Boarding rooms shared by cadets are spartan in nature. They lack the luxury a conventional teenager does like MP3 and DVD players and game consoles. Instead, the enthusiasm of the cadet will be diverted to other wholesome, yet, enjoyable activities such as biking and skateboarding.

Etiquette and other protocols are highly observed even in the most trivial of activities like eating. In other words, your child will indeed emerge as a responsible individual once he has experienced being in a military school.

Military schools also offer various sports activities: These include baseball, basketball, cheerleading, cross country, equestrian, football, golf, lacrosse, rifle, rugby, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track and field, volleyball and even wrestling. There are drama clubs too and there are forensic leagues. Wow to those!

Rigid House rules are observed. Access to the Internet is restricted in some areas of the camp. Cadets are not allowed to wear civilian clothing. And military schools are even concerned with the health of their cadets! There is no vending machine allowed in the facility as administrators of these institutions claim that vending machines only offer junk food although cadets are allowed to take in the food that their friends brought whenever they are visited upon.

Speaking of visiting, parents of female cadets are confident that their teenage girls are safe even around their admirers. A chaperone is required in the military camp at this time.

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